Carpe Diem

I was in my 3rd year college then when I watched this movie entitled “Dead Poets Society” as part of our classroom activity. As I watched it, I was enamored with the cliché and inspiring message of the movie “Carpe Diem” or seize the day. This purports that each and every one of us must not waste any single fabric of our lives while we’re still here on earth instead grasp and savor it to the fullest.

From then on, I tried to take a deep scrutiny on myself and to the people who are very dearest to me, my friends, family, loved ones and most especially God. They are my greatest and precious treasures who warmth, brighten up, give life to my sullen days, which became my fortress when winning is really difficult to grasp and also who comforts and protects me against the big bad wolves. Well, I was indeed very luck then of having them in my life.

As I was riding a taxicab along the busy streets of Roxas Boulevard, I was taken aback, perturbed and my heart was over filled with empathy when I saw these couple sitting in the corner asking for a penny to the passersby, worst both of them are blind.

I was indeed astounded because despite of their incapacities they were still able to combat life and still hold on together as couples. They never lose their hopes that one day they may find light and continue to cherish their love for each other.

Apparently, love is indeed unconditional because it does not ask something in return. It is not the human manifestation and appearance that ignites you to feel the passion of loving a person but rather the emotion, and affection that you feel for that person for his/her peculiarity and individuality. Tantamount to the blind couple, even if they don’t see each other literally they still manage to cherish and continue with their lives despite of each other’s capacity, savoring their moments to the fullest, full of hope, faith in God and full of love.. Carpe Diem!


Seize the dog as well as watch out the day !
Have a nice we.

March 7, 2008 at 4:30 PM  

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